This is the story of a 10-years-old mischievous boy named Tilli, who lives in a village with his parents. Tilli is a 5th grader, very popular at school and liked by his peers in the village. This sweet little devil always looks forward to trouble his teachers but they still love him.

In the minor villages of India, every year many farmers commit suicide due to the burden of debt and failed farming. This story revolves around the life of the children of our farmers who live with these tough conditions.

Tilli’s father is also facing this extremely worse condition of drought and is under heavy debt. This year he decided to try some new techniques of farming which his wife doesn’t approve of and they also fight a lot for the same reason. Tilli’s mother always try to influence his father to leave farming and start doing a labor’s job so that they can have a fixed income.

Tilli is also attached to the postman of the village. The Postman doesn’t like his job, as he has to deliver bank’s notice to the villagers’ home who defaults on bank’s loan. Due to this burden of debt many villagers commit suicide every year.

One of the villagers Bhola holds postman accountable for his son’s death, because after reading the bank notice his son had committed suicide. Bhola becomes mentally unstable after his son’s death. He always blocks this postman’s way and ensures he doesn’t deliver any more notices in the village. Bhola steals all the ropes and pesticides from the villagers’ home so no one could attempt to kill oneself ever.

Tilli is also attached to Bhola and often sits with him at Chaupal. Sometimes they team-up to trouble Postman together. But beside all this fun and naughtiness of Tilli, his father is going under lots of stress as his farming is getting ruined due to the extreme weather. Progressively Tilli also gets involved in his father’s struggle. 

At this point of the story, Tilli is tensed as he thinks that his father will also commit suicide and there is nothing he can do to help him. So with the help of Bhola he tries to save his father.

So could Tilli save his father?

Eventually Bhola also commits suicide. Why did Bhola fell on the sword, as he has no farming nor stress on him. Tilli starts hating the Postman when the kid learns that he his also involved in Bhola’s death.

So what happens in the end is what this story holds. 

Star cast
1. Raghubir Yadav
2. Atul Srivastav
3. Niraj pandey
4. Rizwan sheikh

Produced by Anand Kumar Productions in Association with BTM Productions
Directed by Sagar S Sharma
Producer Anand Kumar and Ashok Kukreja
co-Producer Gagan Bedi and Virat Sharma
Screenplay Virender Vashisht and Sagar S Sharma
Story Prince KJ Singh
Cinematographer Virendra K
Music by Score Gurcharan Singh,
Editor Vikas J Singh
Costume Sneha Sharma
Visual Promotions Rahul Singh,

A flashback unfolds here with King Vikramadeva of Mahishmati passing away suddenly, leaving behind an empty throne and an orphaned son, Baahubali. The kind and righteous Sivagami, wife to Bijjaladeva and biological mother to Bhalladeva, goes onto adopt her nephew and raises him as her own. This decision however, bears consequences; having to share his mother's love and the status of a crown prince, Bhallaladeva secretly grows to be highly jealous of and hateful toward Baahubali. His resentment further grows when his mother chooses Baahubali as the King of Mahishmati. After establishing that Sivudu is in fact the son of Baahubali and Devasena, the film ends in a cliff-hanger, leaving the audience wondering about the death of Baahubali.